Finding someone you can trust with important goals in your life can be hard. As a new mom, full time student and working woman, I understand how important time is to your family. My team is here for you and want to show our commitment to your health and wellness through the many fitness options we have available.

How We Do It:

Because your fitness is important to us, we have created fitness programs that will help you take control of your health. Whether at home or the gym, you can access content easily through mobile, which gives you the option to schedule training appointments that fit perfectly in your life. Our workout videos, nutrition tutorials, and educational material are all here to help you keep motivated and going while you figure out which workouts work for you.

Workout videos may seem like an ineffective way to reach the fitness goals you set, however, unlike the videos found in most major retailers, ours work because we work with you. Not only do we have the workout videos available, you can also send us your videos to ensure you know how to properly perform each exercise, and we will assist you whenever needed.

Why We Do It:

Here at Miriam’s House of Weight Loss, we believe in the easily accessible, effective, and motivational fitness program we have carefully crafted for our members. We know that going to the gym isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! But not utilizing a gym's facilities can make it difficult to find a workout system that not only fits your specific needs and schedule but is also effective. You can still achieve those deeply desired goals with our programs.

We believe in you and your abilities and when you begin to doubt yourself, you have us within easy access to help you get back on track. Gaining control of your health and fitness doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task and we will take that load off your shoulders by giving you the step-by-step guides.

Miriam worked with me for quite some time, never giving up on me when I had my doubts, and never putting limits on what I could do (even when I limited myself). It is impossible not to meet any goal you set working with Miriam and Eric, because they believe in everyone and their dreams as if they were their own.

Missy W, Wisconsin